Freedom Essay Contest winner

What Freedom Means To Me

Jaiden Ackerson, Prairie Valley First Place

“A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.” -Bob Dylan

To me freedom means living in a country where democracy matters, being able to have all races and religions peacefully live and work together, and being able to make personal choices while speaking my mind.

However, freedom does not give me the license to do anything I want, whenever I want. With freedom comes responsibility. Freedom allows me to make choices in my life, and those very choices come with consequences. These consequences may affect my life as well as the lives of others. When the consequences of my choices become negative, I may lose some of my freedom, including what activities I do throughout the day, what I wear and who I spend time with, or something as simple as losing the privilege of my cell phone.

Many people in America take freedom for granted. The view freedom as a right, but it is not. Soldiers ultimately pay the price for everyone’s freedom. Without freedom we wouldn’t be able to obtain an education, find the job of our choice,vote, have a family, or live our everyday lives. Freedom is a privilege we must honor.

Freedom allows all citizens to have the right to pursue an education of their choice, to work hard, and to succeed in their communities and lives. We, as free people, also have a responsibility to protect our communities and the people who live there. This freedom spreads beyond me and my community. This freedom is so important to me that I must preserve it for future generations. The greatest display of appreciation for my freedom is to become the best individual I can be. Because of the freedom to dream and turn the dreams to realities, I will become that individual.