Decries behavior at game

To the editor:

My wife and I were in Kansas after the Iowa State/Kansas basketball game when, thankfully, the Jayhawks won in overtime in Ames. There was a picture in the Kansas City Star newspaper of a security guard holding onto the shirt of a poor loser Iowa State fan with his wife standing in the background. There was a separate article about two other Iowa State fans having their Twitter accounts deactivated for making racial slurs and saying something about feeling like taking a gun and attacking the Kansas Jayhawk bus. These things happened after Iowa State lost to the Jayhawks in overtime by 12 points in Ames with a Kansas player dunking the ball with about two seconds left which added to his 39 point total for the game.

Regarding the racial slurs on the Twitter accounts, check out the race of most of the Iowa State team that are really good players.

Regarding the fan that had his shirt wrinkled by the security guard, grow up and get a life.

Regarding the racial slurs on the Twitter accounts, go ahead and move to Alabama or Mississippi or one of those Confederate states. You would fit in down there just fine. You certainly don’t belong in Iowa.

Dave Adams