Holy Family Cluster returns from Haiti

CLARION – The Holy Family cluster recently sent a team of doctors, nurses and pharmacists to its sister parish, Our Lady of the Assumption in Anse Rouge, Haiti.

This was the third medical mission trip for the cluster, which includes St. John’s Parish, Clarion; St. Francis Xavier Parish, Belmond; and Sacred Heart Parish, Eagle Grove. The 13 members were in Haiti from Feb. 5 to 12. The American and Haitian parishes have been partnered since 2003.

Each person could take 50 pounds of medical supplies, said Monica Staudt.

Clinics were set up in the parish chapels and schools where doctors examined patients and prescribed medicine. Providers examined 650.

“With each visit, we continue to see many positives with our sister parish,” said Staudt. “We now have two water filtration systems – one at the main parish in Anse Rouge and one in the village of Terres de Negres.”

Last year a new school was completed at the main parish location. This year, the indoor kitchen is in use. School lunch is provided at two of the five parish schools.

The yearly Sea Container will be sent off in April, sponsored by the Parish Twinning of the Americas. School and sewing supplies, flip flops or tennis shoes, eyeglasses, food, basketballs, soccer balls and bikes are on the list for this year.