Humboldt Supervisors approve new flag

DAKOTA CITY – The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors gave their verbal approval of a new county flag design Monday.

“The idea was to come up with a new flag to fly down at the fairgrounds at the State Fair, and then make it available to other people in the county like the schools and the cities if they wanted to fly it,” said Auditor Peggy Rice.

The flag incorporates colors used by the city of Humboldt in its water tower, police force and school system. The flow of colors represent the Des Moines River, the flow of citizens coming and going, the flow of industries and business and the flow of children.

The large solid color star represents the largest city, Humboldt. The outlined star behind it represents the county seat of Dakota City. The smaller stars represent the other towns in the county: Bode, Bradgate, Gilmore City, Hardy, Lu Verne, Ottosen, Pioneer, Renwick, Rutland and Thor.

“The most intriguing was the center star being Humboldt and the offset one representing Dakota City,” said Supervisor Jerry Haverly.

“Every county in Iowa has a flag that flies down at the state fairgrounds during the State Fair and we’ve had one down there for quite a few years, but it was kind of blah,” Rice said.

Many counties were not even aware they had flags at the fair, she said.

The old flag is white with an outline of the county showing where the cites and the Three Rivers Trail are located, Rice said.

The supervisors commissioned Bonita McLarnan, of Humboldt. to come up with the design they verbally approved Monday.