Miller opposes House education reform bill

State Rep. Helen Miller, D-Fort Dodge, voted against the House education reform bill, because, she said, it does not include any research-based techniques to improve learning for all students.

”I was a no vote, because, unfortunately, the bill approved by the majority falls well short of these goals,” she said. ”While there are certainly some areas of agreement, the biggest problem with the bill is that it fails to address the biggest barriers to student achievement in our schools today.”

”I did not support the bill because it does not give rural schools the resources or flexibility to keep good teachers in the classroom and implement reforms, it will not help close the achievement gap or do anything to support the rising number of kids in poverty who need support before or after school,” Miller added.

Efforts to reach representatives Rob Bacon, R-Slater, and Tom Shaw, R-Laurens, were unsuccessful.