Weighs in on gun control

To the editor:

It seems like all the king’s men, referring to the congressional men, nor the president will buck the NRA to solve the gun violence in the USA. That is one half of the problem. The other half is the availability of guns.

My solution – let the people have the guns they want and their Second Amendment rights and the NRA. Don’t try to rewrite the Second Amendment, just add one paragraph to it. Once this would become a federal law, from then on, the owner of such weapons will be held responsible, be obligatory and liable, to some extent, for what might occur because of his or her negligence, whether the guns were locked up or not and they fell into the hands of a person committing a crime of any sort, regardless of the age of either party. The only exception would be if the guns were locked up in a steel safe of any sort with a combination dial.

If you want to keep one or more guns for protection, you would still come under this law.

Furthermore, whether it is a mass shooting or not, 99 percent of the guns come from home. So until the owners of guns start being liable to some extent, the shootings will go on forever.

Merlin Fort

Dakota City