Growth Alliance seeks nominations

The Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance will hand out awards at the March 11 annual meeting.

This year awards for the Small Business of the Year, Rookie Business of the Year, and the Catalyst Award for 2012 will be announced.

The Catalyst

The Catalyst celebrates the “inspiration, charity, wisdom, unifier and breath of life” of a member of the community, according to a press release.

The award alternates each year, presented one year to a woman and the next year to a man.

This year’s award will be presented to a woman.

In mythology, flame is symbolic of charity, wisdom and love. From an alchemic perspective, fire is the central element as a unifier and a stabilizer. Fire as flame is said to represent the “breath of life, inspiration, and enlightenment.”

Flame symbolism lives in professional women and men in Fort Dodge. The GFDGA will honor such a person.

To be a candidate for this award, the following criteria must be met:

The nominee must be a member of GFDGA, or employed by a member firm, and have shown active involvement in the GFDGA-sponsored committees/activities.

The nominee must be an active, visible leader who is a catalyst for implementing actions that enhance the economic and civic environment of the community.

The nominee must consistently demonstrate excellence in his business or profession and in community service.

The nominee must have contributed exemplary time and effort to promote a community spirit.

Nomination forms are available at the GFDGA office at 1406 Central Ave. or by request at 955-5500.

The nomination deadline is 5 p.m. Feb. 5.

Terry Allers, president of Allers Associates Architects, was the 2011 Catalyst Award winner.

Small Business of the Year Awards

The Small Business of the Year Awards program, which was developed in 1992, gives an opportunity for small businesses, home based businesses and entrepreneurs to gain recognition within the Fort Dodge area.

To qualify, the business must be a GFDGA member and have 55 or fewer employees. Awards will be given in two categories.

Rookie of the Year is awarded to new businesses established in the Fort Dodge area within the past five years or a new owner of an established business.

Small Business of the Year is awarded to an established small business that has been in existence for five or more years.

Award winners will be announced at the Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance annual meeting on March 11.

The deadline for nominations is 5 p.m. Feb. 25.

Owners can nominate their own companies. Non-winning businesses nominated in previous years are eligible for re-nomination.

2011’s Small Business of the Year Award was presented to Ark Enterprises Advertising Specialty, owned by Anita Patterson Burr. Real Deals, owned by Janelle Hotz, Beth Plautz and Shawn Portz, was selected as 2011’s Rookie of the Year Award winner.

To nominate a local business contact Emily Mason at the GFDGA. She can be emailed at Emily at, call 955-5500, or stop by the office at 1406 Central Ave. to receive an application form.

Nominees will be contacted for more information.