From our files: Feb. 14, 2013

Feb. 14, 2003

NEWS: Ramona Weins, senior vice president of CSBank, was the winner of the 2003 Athena Award from the Fort Dodge Area Chamber of Commerce.

SPORTS: Mason City beat Fort Dodge 48-47 in girls basketball.

Feb. 14, 1988

NEWS: Clarion High School Principal Bob Olson was recognized in The Executive Educator magazine as one of the 100 outstanding school managers in North America for 1988.

SPORTS: The Tritons beat Southwestern of Creston 78-71 in men’s junior college basketball.

Feb. 14, 1963

NEWS: James Bond won first place in the St. Edmond High School “Voice of Democracy” speech contest.

SPORTS: Irma Moore had the high game in the Stan Hoist Church bowling league with 189.