UPDATE: Witnesses, investigators testify about finding body

The second day of testimony in the Hillary Tyler trial finished up with witnesses and investigators talking about discovering the body of the newborn she’s accused of killing and the investigation into the crime.

Tyler, 32, of Mulhall, Okla., is accused of first-degree murder in the death of her newborn baby boy on Sept. 19, 2011.

When court resumed at 1 p.m., Sherry Vesterby continued her testimony about the day the babys body was discovered in a room at the Super 8 motel, which she manages.

Vesterby said Nicole Brockman, a housekeeper at the motel, came to her and said there was something wrong in the motel room she was cleaning.

She told the jury that she initially thought a fight had happened in the room because of all the blood. But when another housekeeper tried moving a small trash can and discovered how heavy it was, Vesterby ordered everybody out of the room and called police.

Sgt. Mike Halligan, of the Webster County Sheriffs Department, testified that he was on his way to another investigation when he drove by the Super 8 and saw other officers on scene. He and a Fort Dodge Police detective stopped by the scene to see if they could help.

Halligan told the jury that he removed several bloody towels and paper from the top of the trash can until he saw the body of a baby inside. Once the body was discovered, Halligan said officers sealed off the room and called the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation for help.

DCI Special Agents Ray Fiedler and Jim Thiele also testified about the investigation at the motel room, as well as interviews with both Tyler and Rodney Cyphers, the baby’s father.

Testimony is scheduled to continue tomorrow morning at 9 a.m.