Remembering John Peters

To the editor:

John Peters, who passed away this week, was one of the great generation of lawyers who came back from the war, went to law school, and returned to their Iowa communities. For those of us who think Fort Dodge is a very special place to live, it is in no small measure because of the contribution of these very talented lawyers. One only has to look to Trinity Regional Medical Center and Friendship Haven.

For John’s part in coming to Fort Dodge he immediately got elected as the youngest state representative at the time. He went on to serve Fort Dodge in various leadership capacities while practicing law for most of his career with his brother, Bill, but also working with various financial institutions.

Because of a weakened heart he retired early but stayed very interested in the progress and development of his community. John was one of those lawyers that was respected and liked by all who knew him. If you didn’t like John Peters, you just didn’t like people.

Tom Price

Fort Dodge