Thanks for supporting PPEL

To the editor:

The Fort Dodge Community School District is committed to providing the highest quality education to our students. The passage of the physical plant and equipment levy speaks well of our community and its commitment to quality education for our kids. Thank you for your investment in education.

The additional funds raised through the PPEL will allow the district to be proactive with our building, transportation and technology needs and to provide our students safe, secure learning environments. Improvements in these areas, made possible by PPEL funds, will impact the academic opportunities and performance of our students. Thank you for investing in our kids and our future. Our Schools. Our Community. Our PRIDE!

Doug Van Zyl

Superintendent of schools

Stu Cochrane

School board president

Brian Forsythe

School board

vice president

Bill Kent

School noard member

Jan Merz

School board member

Deb Peterson

School board member

Kevin Rogers

School board member

Matt Wagner

School board member