Wants less ‘soap box drama’

To the editor:

Addressing the City Council vote to raise taxes, may we please leave the “soap box drama” and childish tantrums out of this equation – and put some common sense in place? No Fort Dodge councilman wants to raise taxes on the people.

If you didn’t know it, our city is one of the highest taxed cities in the state. Fort Dodge is already suffering due to the “infinite wisdom” of past councils who believed money grew on trees, therefore, voted to spend money as if there was no tomorrow. Sadly, “we the people” let them do it. “We the people” did not pay attention, or learn what was really happening by doing our fact finding – doing research – asking questions and making our opinions well understood before any voting was done. “We the people” also need to exercise our majority rights to correct what we don’t like or want.

The City Council actually had no options regarding the tax increase debated Monday night. It is not just Fort Dodge; every city in Iowa is getting “thumped on.” The ineffective bureaucrats in the Iowa capital and in Washington, D.C., are the ones who voted this burden on cities, making us incur costs, previously paid by them, to satisfy city union expenses. This is federal and state legislation they voted in place on all city governments, and at this point, there is no way out of the situation.

A citizen can talk baloney, … complain and yell all they want, similar to Councilmen Taylor and Wilson, But did these “Boy Wonders” think things through? Did they have plan B or C to get around or correct the situation? No, we heard “no brain” thinking and hammy, unproductive theatrics. “We the people” don’t need ranting and raving, we need to hear sane, sensible solutions.

Instead of being mean-minded and ugly, making false accusations about any councilmen, I suggest “we the people,” start leaning heavily on the real problem – our state and federal legislators. They are the source of this tax increase – so are “you the people” going to call, write, send emails to voice your dissatisfaction of what they’ve done, demand they correct it? Better yet, are you going to pack the house at the next “Eggs and Issues” event to voice your opinion? If not, then stop the useless complaining and theatrics.

Jacque Johanson

Fort Dodge