FD school district voters to determine PPEL fate

Voters in the Fort Dodge Community School District will decide today whether to increase the system’s physical plant and equipment levy.

The district is asking voters to both renew the current 67 cent levy for another 10 years and approve another 67 cent increase. With the school board-approved 33 cents, this will give the district the maximum $1.67 levy per $1,000 of assessed valuation.

For a residential property owner with a valuation of $100,000, the levy increase will equal an additional $34.

As this is a school election, some voters are assigned to different polling places than those used for general elections. For the purposes of the election, the school district is divided into 14 voting precincts, some of which contain more than one general election precinct.

School precincts and their polling places are listed below, with corresponding general election precincts listed in parentheses. Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Contact the Webster County Auditor at 573-7175 if you have any questions.

Precinct 1: Feelhaver School (Fort Dodge Precinct 1)

Precinct 2: Phillips Middle School (Fort Dodge Precinct 2)

Precinct 3: Former Izaak Walton Chapter House (Fort Dodge Precinct 3)

Precinct 4: First Covenant Church (Fort Dodge Precinct 4)

Precinct 5: Friendship Haven Celebration Center (Fort Dodge Precinct 5, Elkhorn and Douglas)

Precinct 6: Elderbridge Agency (Fort Dodge Precinct 6)

Precinct 7: Arey Administration Building (Fort Dodge Precinct 7)

Precinct 8: Butler School (Fort Dodge Precinct 8, South Cooper)

Precinct 9: Prince of Peace Lutheran Church (Fort Dodge Precinct 9)

Precinct 10: Senior High (Fort Dodge Precinct 10, Cooper)

Precinct 11: Cooper School (Fort Dodge Precinct 11)

Precinct 12: Duncombe School (Fort Dodge Precinct 12)

Precinct 13: Badger Fire Station (Badger-Northwest Cooper, Newark, Colfax, Deer Creek)

Precinct 14: Otho Community Center (Otho, Pleasant Valley, Washington)