Taking on new duties

After over six years in the Webster County attorney’s office, Cori Kuhn Coleman now has a new title – first assistant county attorney.

Coleman, who joined the office in July 2006, was appointed to her new position in early January.

She is one of five attorneys in the office.

While she has always worked with Webster County Attorney Ricki Osborn, Coleman said her new role will entail more work with Osborn.

“Essentially, I assist Ricki in prosecuting major cases and with other administrative responsibilities,” she said. “This includes the different management aspects of her job that she needs assistance with.”

Coleman said in addition to assisting Osborn, she’ll also be continuing with her responsibilities as an assistant county attorney as well.

“I prosecute all levels of criminal offenses in the county,” she said. “I also work with the Board of Supervisors and advise all the departments within the county.”

She added that she also represents the county in civil lawsuits if they end up going to trial, but added that doesn’t happen very often.

“I’ve also served as a backup in Juvenile Court for the past several years,” Coleman said.

Osborn said the first assistant position is not required by law, but she believed having one would benefit the county.

“I felt it was important for our office to name a first assistant,” she said. “There needs to be someone who can officially act on my behalf in my absence.”

She praised Coleman’s experience for the position.

“She has been handling civil matters for the county,” she said. “She also has been functioning as the legal advisor for the Board of Supervisors and other county officials during that time.”

Osborn said the transition has been smooth.

“Cori already knows the staff and how the office functions,” she said. “I am confident that she will be an excellent first assistant.”

Coleman added she’s looking forward to continuing her work in the county.

“I’m really looking forward to continuing to serve my office,” she said. “I’m also looking forward to working with law enforcement on different crime cases within the county.”

Coleman’s appointment fills a vacancy that was left last April when Jennifer Bonzer left the Webster County attorney’s office to go into private practice.