Waiting for something can cause some anxiety

I’m just sitting here waiting for a huge snowstorm.

Not that I want a huge snowstorm, but doggone it, this waiting is giving me the creeps.

Patience is not my virtue, if I have any virtues to speak of. We know it’s coming, so just get it over with already. I’m talking about one of those blizzards that stop the world and cover the ground, and not just because we need the moisture. And certainly not because I feel the need to flop down in the snow to create an angel.

Just thinking of that makes me laugh. Nancy Griffel said her grandson – I think it was her grandson – heard about making snow angels, so plopped down in the snow to make one. Turned out fine, for his first try, but she had to explain that most people lie on their back to make snow angels.

Snow angels are old-fashioned fun, just like the stuff that shows up in a lot of emails these days. You know the ones the “if you remember” type stuff.

But just the other day I got my monthly Extra Innings, a newsletter for writers, facilitated by my friend in Madison, Wis. He’s a former professor at the university there and while doing that, put out a newsletter called Creativity Connection with the same purpose – for and by writers. In this copy of the email newsletter – saving trees, you know, and postage, so it’s free – is a quick look at how you can tell you’re living in 2013.

You know when:

1. You accidentally enter your PIN on the microwave.

2. You haven’t played solitaire with real cards in years.

3. You have a list of 15 phone numbers to reach your family of three.

4. You email the person who works at the desk next to you.

5. Your reason for not staying in touch with friends and family is they don’t have email addresses.

6. You pull up in your own driveway and use your cell phone to see if anyone is home to help you carry in the groceries.

7. Leaving the house without your cell phone, which you didn’t even have the first 20 or 30 (or 60) years of your life, is now cause for panic, and you turn around to get it.

8. You get up in the morning and go online before getting your coffee.

10. You start tilting your head sideways to smile. : )

11 You’re reading this and nodding and laughing.

12. You’re too busy to notice there was no No. 9 on this list.

Bet you actually looked to see if there was a No. 9.

See, things have changed from the days of making snow angels, which is no reason to wait for a blizzard. But it makes me think back to the days our dredge ditch was filled to the top with snow and once, without thinking of the consequences, I jumped off the bridge.

Making snow angels on your face doesn’t sounds so bad now, does it?

So long friends, until the next time when we’re together.

Sandy Mickelson, retired lifestyle editor of The Messenger, may be reached at mcsalt@frontiernet.net.