Favors PPEL

To the editor:

When I arrived in Fort Dodge in 1958, I as proud of the finest facility in the state. Fort Dodge has always supported the community. The facilities in the school district, including Dodger Stadium, the Dodger tennis courts and the gymnasiums at Fort Dodge Senior High, Phillips, Fair Oaks and Butler, are used by everyone in the community. There has been a long and strong relationship between the Fort Dodge Community School District, St. Edmond and Iowa Central. These facilities and these relationships have always been a source of pride for Fort Dodge. Our topnotch facilities have allowed us to host many regional, district and state tournaments for music, speech and sports. In the past, we have even hosted state track meets and state swimming meets. These events bring people into Fort Dodge. Visitors coming into Fort Dodge have always been impressed with these venues and the condition of our facilities has lifted the image of Fort Dodge throughout the state.

These facilities are aging, though. As buildings age, they require maintenance, repair and upkeep. Also, with the changing times, venues need expanding and remodeling. This costs money. The physical plant and equipment levy – PPEL – can only be used for maintenance, repair and replacement of the district’s facilities and buses.

It is time for us to step forward and vote “yes” for the PPEL. This will not only benefit our children and grandchildren, but will also show continues pride and commitment to our city. As I understand it, the annual cost of the increase of the PPEL will be no more than a dinner at a local restaurant for most of us. It’s the least we can do for our students an dour future.

Please for “yes” for the PPEL increase.

Vernon “Dutch” Huseman

Fort Dodge