Please vote ‘yes’ for PPEL

To the editor:

The school district has always been pro-active with maintenance of facilities. There is a five year plan for maintenance and repairs that’s reviewed and updated yearly. Still, unplanned items come up every year. The district is very responsible in the use of its money for upkeep of buildings.

Safety is a growing concern. Most of our buildings were built at times when safety of was not such a concern as it is today. Schools are still the safest place for our children to be during the day. Some improvements of student safety have been delayed. Things like surveillance and classroom doors that lock from the inside are examples of improved security PPEL can pay for.

Technology has been one of the greatest advances in education over the last 50 years. There is a growing need for technology that expands the opportunities for our children to learn in new and exciting ways. The PPEL will allow us to send our children and grandchildren to schools that are safe, clean and technologically up to date so that they can achieve their dreams.

If the PPEL request is voted down, these needs will not go away. Buildings still need repair. Roofs still need replacing. Plumbing still needs fixing and boilers need work. Buses need replacing and technology needs updating. The funds to do those things will come from the general fund. This will mean that there will be cuts in programs and staff. Of course, one of the first areas that will be cut will be music, drama, art and athletics. Cuts in core education will come next.

This PPEL is necessary to maintain high quality academics and avoid the cuts or complete loss of programs that will come if the PPEL is not approved.

Our children are our future. PPEL is a small investment citizens are being asked to make in the future of our community. The quality of our educational facilities has a direct impact on economic development. If those making decisions about locating a business see rundown schools and facilities, they will not want to move here.

Let’s show the children in this community that we care about their safety and well-being while providing them state of the art facilities so that they can reach their dreams and provide a bright future for this community.

Jerry L. Schnurr III

Fort Dodge