Urges a ‘yes’ vote on PPEL

To the editor:

As a former teacher who spent 35 years educating children in Fort Dodge, I know first-hand that teaching is not an easy job. And, I believe that over the years, it has become even more challenging.

Class sizes are on the rise. Technology, which is crucial to student success, is constantly changing. Our aging buildings are in desperate need of repairs. Security is a concern like never before. Teachers deal with these challenges on a daily basis.

We have an opportunity on Tuesday to ease some of the load on today’s teachers. While PPEL does not fund teachers and programs, it does have a direct impact on the quality of education that our children receive. Since our children are our future, the quality of their education should be a top priority for this community.

If PPEL does not pass, money from the general fund will have to be used for building repairs as well as technology and transportation needs. Teachers and programs for our students will be cut in order to “free up” dollars for these infrastructure needs. This means larger class sizes, less one-on-one time for teachers and students, technology that lags behind the times and fewer educational opportunities for our kids. All of these challenges make teaching more difficult for teachers and learning more difficult for students.

Teachers and programs are critical components to offering our kids the best education possible. Our kids are the future. Please vote “yes” on PPEL to invest in our future.

Delpha Holtzman

Fort Dodge