Favors PPEL

To the editor:

It’s time for Fort Dodge to come together as a community. We need to come together for our kids, their education, their safety and their future. PPEL funds help provide our kids, our future, with quality environments in which to learn.

PPEL funds can be used for technology such as computer upgrades, musical instruments, building repairs and safety needs and school buses. Without these funds, our buildings will deteriorate, our computers will become outdated and our buses unsafe. Without these funds, dollars that are currently dedicated to teachers and programs will have to be used for building repairs resulting in larger classes and less educational opportunities. Without these funds, the future of our kids and our community is at risk. Is that what our children deserve? Is that what our community deserves?

Invest in the future of our youth.

Invest in the future of Fort Dodge.

Vote “yes” on Tuesday.

Bonnie Rhodes

Fort Dodge