Vote ‘yes’ on PPEL

To the editor:

To vote “yes” or “no” to the upcoming levy vote requires that you understand what it is all about and where you stand on the financial part.

Let’s look at those of us it will affect. How many of you know how much you have been paying in school taxes? Let’s start with the physical plant and equipment levy – PPEL – for our school system. After reading all of The Messenger articles and making several phone calls to school administration, I think I may be able to shed a little light on some of the most asked questions. For the PPEL fund we pay 33 cents that the school board can vote into being. After that there is a 67 cent amount that we have already voted for. The schools now want us to vote in another 67 cents in order to make the bill payments on maintenance, repairs and technology. There are many things that are paid for out of the PPEL. In The Messenger on Jan. 28, Chris Darling had a letter to the editor that explained this very well.

So, “How am I going to be paying less in taxes?” you probably ask. You need to also understand that the PPEL is not the only fund in the total taxes paid to the schools. The total tax for fiscal year 2013 is $15.48. If we add 67 cents to this amount our payment would be $16.15. This total tax also includes money for the general fund, the administration fund and two other funds. In 2012, the total tax was $17.39, in 2011 it was $17.45 and in 2010 it was $16.84. So the $16.15, which includes the new 67 cents is less taxes than any of the recent years.

If there is not enough money to pay the repair bills and such then money is pulled out of the General Fund which pays the teachers and staff. So the bottom line is whether you want good teachers and good staff to be put on the chopping block. If you like what we have now and want even better, then vote “yes” on Tuesday. Don’t depend on others to do the voting for you.

Deanna Gross

Fort Dodge