Reacts to ‘do over’

To the editor:

It would be nice if when we didn’t like the outcome of an election to have a do over vote – like the Fort Dodge School District and Board is doing on Feb. 5. They have had the extra property tax money for 15 years – now they want that plus double the amount. They need to learn what the rest of us do – live within their budget.

They try to put us on a guilt trip. Teachers, programs and buses. When you build a new school out north of town of course it’s going to take more buses – someone didn’t plan ahead. Oh yes – get taxes. School is about education (every child deserves the best) so if things need to be cut, try sports (I enjoy them) and trips, etc. Not classrooms.

This election will cost the taxpayers and city of Fort Dodge over $13,000. We already paid for one. If the school board wants a do over, they should have to pay for it. Not us.

Robyn Howell

Fort Dodge