Vote ‘yes’

To the editor:

On Feb. 5, Fort Dodge voters will be asked to approve a $1.67 Physical Plant and Equipment Levy (PPEL) to support the Fort Dodge Community Schools. Members of the Fort Dodge Community School Foundation understand the importance of this funding and ask you to vote “yes” on Feb. 5.

You may be asking yourself “who will benefit?” from PPEL. PPEL funds benefit the students in both the Fort Dodge and St. Edmond school systems as well as the community by providing for infrastructure and equipment needs. The athletic facilities, auditorium, and academic areas are used by students and various community groups alike. The school buses which transport kids to school and activities are purchased with PPEL dollars. PPEL also funds computer equipment and technology upgrades which are so important to the 21st century learning that takes place today. In addition, nice schools and facilities help bring more families to our community, which benefits everyone.

Our schools need your support. Our students deserve your support. People can always find a reason to vote no, but I am giving you 3,700 reasons to vote yes – our students.

PPEL is a necessary investment for our future. Your support of PPEL will help ensure our kids have the facilities they need to succeed. Please help make it happen by voting “yes” on Feb. 5.

Angie Tracy


FD Community School Foundation

Fort Dodge