Humboldt supervisors get update on bridges


DAKOTA CITY – The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors received a review of the bridges and other structures in the county from County Engineer Paul Jacobson at Monday’s board meeting.

As the result of recent bridge inspections, the inspector recommended weight restrictions on four county bridges Jacobson said. Those bridges are:

  • Bridge 51 on Virginia Avenue between 100th and 110th streets, to be posted 15 ton
  • Bridge 53 on 120th Street between Washington and Xenia avenues, to be posted 10 ton
  • Bridge 78 on Kentucky Avenue between 150th and 160th streets, to be posted 10 ton
  • The Murray Bridge on 190th Street between Elm and Florida avenues, to be posted 3 ton.

Bridges 51 and 53 are the last two pony truss bridges in the county and are beyond repair, according to Jacobson.

“They have obviously outlived their useful life,” he said.

The Murray Bridge spans the Des Moines River between Bradgate and Rutland – and it too is beyond repair, said Jacobson.

Bridge 78 could possibly be repaired if the county wanted to put money into it, he said.

There are about 33 bridges in the county with weight restrictions.

Jacobson said even an increase in the fuel tax would probably not be enough to fund everything needed in the county roads. Some unpopular and difficult decisions will have to be made in the future, he said.

Costs for roads and bridges are increasing faster than the county budget, Supervisor Jerry Haverly said.

“Our pot of money every year is somewhere between $250,000 and $300,000. That’s been kind of constant but to spend that we are doing half as much as we probably could have done 10 years ago because of the cost.”

“I don’t know how you pay for it but something has to give,” said Supervisor Carl Mattes.