‘Frustrated and annoyed’

To the editor:

This one goes out to all citizens of Fort Dodge and surrounding areas. Please learn how to use the roundabout on the east side of town (32nd and 10th). The roundabout has been here for long enough for people to acclimate and learn how to properly use it. If you are confused, weary, or don’t like it find an alternative route. I leave town every morning, because I commute, and it is frustrating when people don’t use their turn signals, they stop on the roundabout to let people in, or simply ignore the yield signs and just go on in without paying any attention. I witness this almost on a daily basis, and I have luckily avoided any accidents. The purpose of a roundabout is safer, more-efficient navigation, but the way people treat it here is ridiculous. There are videos and websites out there that can help you out, and I understand for many of you driving through a roundabout was not covered in driver’s ed, but you need to learn how to use it if you are going to drive on it.

(I’m a) frustrated and annoyed citizen.

Aaron Schmidt

Fort Dodge