Local student wins essay contest

Editor’s Note: In honor of National School of Choice Week, students at Harvest Baptist School participated in a writing contest. Following is the winning essay.

Why our country needs school choice

Oscar Rivas

12th Grade

Some would say the reason our country needs school choice is because it is our right and freedom to choose, but why does America actually need this freedom? The answer is that having school choice benefits society as a whole and takes the degree of education in that society to a higher level of learning. Learning in itself is a choice and does not happen by accident; it is a matter of will. Therefore, if one chooses where he will be taught, it is more probable he will apply himself to his education, rather than if his place of education was chosen for him.

There are many reasons why a student may pick one school over another. Whether it is social life, sports programs, financial status, religious views, academic opportunities, or one’s own preferences, there are many factors which cause some students to travel across the city, or to stay in their own home for their schooling. Whatever one’s reason may be for choosing their school, the fact is that choosing one’s own path adds to the individual’s happiness.

Everyone has an opinion and wants that opinion to be acknowledged. If a person must do something or go somewhere against their will, they tend to have negative attitudes toward that specific task. If a student enters a school with negative attitude he is less likely to apply himself and excel academically, than one who attends at his own will. Therefore, we can see that choosing a school for a student, instead of that student choosing, where to attend, can actually discourage their resolve to learn. We understand that an uneducated society is a society lacking the ability to thrive. We can conclude that giving students a choice of schooling can improve their learning, and thus creating a more educated and stronger society, which is a direct benefit to ever citizen in this country.