From our files: Jan. 25, 2013

Jan. 25, 2003

NEWS: The Webster County chapter of Pheasants Forever was replacing habitat trees that were dead or dying of pine wilt.

SPORTS: The Gael girls basketball team beat Hampton 36-34.

Jan. 25, 1988

NEWS: More than 300 people attended an ecumenical service honoring the Rev. Dr. Clarence Tompkins and the Rev. William Cunningham.

SPORTS: The St. Edmond boys won their first CYO title in 22 years, 64-56 against Carroll Kuemper.

Jan. 25, 1963

NEWS: Dr. Roger E. Drown was elected president of the St. Olaf Lutheran Church.

SPORTS: Vincent Clay beat Burnside Teachers 74-58 in the Industrial basketball league.