FD City Council reviews bus, band and library budgets

Proposed budgets for the bus system, the library, the Blanden Memorial Art Museum, the Karl King Band and the convention and visitors bureau were reviewed by the Fort Dodge City Council Monday.

Operating the Fort Dodge Public Library will cost $645,150 in 2013-2014, according to Library Director Barb Schulz.

The library’s current budget is $626,982.

Schulz said the library will require $3,000 less in property tax money in the next fiscal year.

As has been the case for several years, the proposed budget contains no money for new books or other materials. Schulz said the library’s foundation and the Friends of the Library will pay for any new materials.

Dodger Area Rapid Transit, the city’s bus system, is funded in part by property taxes. The system is operated by the MIDAS Council of Governments.

Jay Kammerer, the council’s transit manager, has proposed a $267,000 budget.

That budget includes $217,000 for operations and $50,000 for major purchases and repairs. Kammerer said the $50,000 will be spent to buy two new buses and repair the shelter at the bus stop at Central Avenue and Ninth Street.

The budget for the Blanden Memorial Art Museum calls for spending $228,900. The museum’s current budget is $206,787.

The Fort Dodge Convention and Visitors Bureau is financed with some of the money from the 7 percent tax added to hotel and motel bills in the city. Dan Payne, the bureau’s executive director, has proposed a budget that spend $183,846. He said the bureau expects to receive $212,000 in revenue during 2013-2014.

The proposed budget for the band will remain unchanged at $35,100.