It’s time to give thanks

To the editor:

It’s that time of year again. The time when hunters reflect on the past season. Maybe reminiscing about the time spent with family and friends, the missed opportunities to connect on birds or deer, and for some, it’s time to thank our creator for blessing us with a successful season and putting great wildgame on the table and in the freezer.

As president of the Iowa Retailers Association its also time for myself and thousands of businesses around Iowa to also say thank you. Thank you to the hunters who bought coffee, meals, food, gas, equipment in our stores and lodging in our hometowns.

According to Hunting Works for Iowa ( if it’s an average year, hunters are just now finishing up spending that includes some really amazing numbers.

If it’s just an average year in Iowa, almost a quarter million people went afield. And on average each one of these hunters spent nearly $1,100 dollars on trip related expenses and gear. That’s an average, some less and some way more. To put these numbers into further perspective, those quarter million hunters accounted for nearly $228 million dollars of spending within our borders. Put another way, this spending generates nearly $110.5 million in Iowa salaries and wages and supports over 6,000 thousand jobs and by the way this spending generated $23.4 million in local and state taxes. Finally, all this spending has a nearly $360 million ripple effect on our Iowa economy. For this I say thank you to all the Iowa hunters.

(In addition to being) resident of the Iowa Retail Federation and (I’m) co-chair of the new conservation group Hunting Work$ For Iowa.

Jim Henter


Iowa Retail Federation