Applause all around

To the editor:

Regarding your article on Eddie Harvey by Chris Johnson dated Dec. 29, 2012, all we can say is applause all the way around.

Applause to The Messenger for featuring a local athlete that has faced adversity most of us would shrink from and proven that our sports heroes don’t always play on TV. Sometimes they live right here in our community.

Applause to the parents, Joe and Kelly Harvey, for encouraging Eddie not to take the easy path and never letting his physical limitations hinder his potential to lead a full and rewarding life.

Lastly, applause to Eddie Harvey for showing the courage and shear guts needed to compete when it probably would have been a lot easier to be a spectator. Wrestling is the most physically demanding and humbling of sports, which makes Eddie’s achievements all the more remarkable.

We live in an era where it seems too many young athletes would rather hang it up if they don’t get the playing time they feel they deserve or view some slight from the coaching staff. These athletes would do well to take a look at the resiliency Eddie has shown and obstacles he has conquered.

There are tremendous life lessons to be gained from participating in sports and Eddie Harvey is living proof that you don’t have to be the leading scorer or star of the team to be the one we want to cheer for or look to for inspiration.

Kirk Yung

Mary Yung

Fort Dodge