Holiday Bed Drive succeeds

To the editor:

We would like to thank everyone for the support we received for our Holiday Bed Drive.

In total we collected $2,895 in cash donations. We were able to provide 34 brand-new beds accompanied with complete bedding sets, pillows, and mattress covers. Our partner for the bed drive, the United Way’s “Bridging the Gap” program, received 17 used beds through donations as well. We received 10 new beds from Slumberland, seven from the United Way, four from Mikos and Matt, and 13 were purchased with the funding received.

On Dec. 21, we were able to deliver 17 beds with assistance from four volunteers. Slumberland delivered 10 beds on Christmas Eve and we will finish the last seven deliveries this week with Mikos and Matt.

We are ecstatic to report that through our generous supporters, we were able to provide a bed to every child on our referral list. We could not have reached so many without the support from Mark Jorgenson, John Mikos, the United Way, Jess Martens, the generous community members and companies who donated, The Messenger, Three Eagles Communication,and the individuals at the Fort Dodge Housing Agency who assisted.

Thanks to all who contributed. We look forward to a bigger and better bed drive this year.

Anna Reid

Jessica Barkhaus

FD Housing Agency

Fort Dodge