Christmas display succeeds

To the editor:

First of all, I must thank The Messenger for printing my last request Dec. 5 to let the people know they were more than welcome to walk all over my hillside to see everything up close, to see how everything was constructed to become such an awesome display to help celebrate Christmas as it should be. Ninety-nine percent is handmade, not a bunch of commercial items that you see most places. It did take years to come up with ideas to unite all the displays and keeping things unique as possible, just like the nativity scene made out of an old fence that was over 100 years old. After the three walls and the roof, I had just enough left over for baby Jesus’ cradle. Just like it was meant for that occasion. Also I must thank Jim Kellner for the last three years, giving sleigh rides to all the fortunate people who took the ride, to go by my place to enjoy my lights, then came to my place for a visit before or after. Between the two of us, I’m sure we entertained thousands of people to make Christmas as real as possible. I and Jim both thank you for coming and hope to see you all next year, and we feel sorry for all you who didn’t get to have this occasion.

Merlin Fort

Dakota City