A new year, a new you

With the new year already under way, many have now started getting to work on their resolutions for the year.

Like most years, one of the most common resolutions is to get back in shape or to live a healthy lifestyle.

David Pearson, executive director of the Fort Dodge Community Recreation Center, said there’s a trend of more people coming in for workouts around this time of year.

“The first quarter of the new year is definitely our busiest time of year,” he said. “Fitness is in the media a lot more than it used to be, and it seems like one of the hot things to do for the new year.”

Pearson said in addition to the amount of people who set weight loss as one of their resolutions, he believes more people show up because of the cooler weather. He said this means there are less chances for exercise outside.

He added the fact that the holiday season is over is also a likely reason many more start showing up.

“Post-holidays, you’re seeing people that may have put on some holiday weight that are looking to get on a fitness program,” Pearson said. “We see many people using the fitness center more.”

As the year goes on, Pearson said there is a slight drop in the amount of people coming in, but he attributed that to the time of year.

“People start going outside a little bit more,” he said. “You tend to see a little bit of a decline come summer.”

But he said the recreation center offers year-round programming for people who want to stick with their plans.

“We still offer programming throughout the year,” he said. “We saw great retention throughout last year.”

Will s, manager of Snap Fitness, said his gym also saw an increase in patrons during the first few days of the year.

“We had quite an influx of people coming in the first and the second,” he said. “The day after New Year’s, there was a group of six guys came in that had never stopped by before.”

Fiala said while some people do give up if they don’t see results, they should remain motivated.

“We try to keep people motivated and get people to keep coming back,” he said. “There are incentives to keep people on track. Once they see progress, we encourage them to keep going.”

The best way to stay motivated, according to Fiala, is by bringing someone to work out with.

“I tell people to get a work out buddy,” he said. “Either a friend or a relative or even a boyfriend or girlfriend to motivate you. Those usually help people the most.”

Pearson said another way of staying motivated is by joining a group.

“If they’re coming alone, we recommend they get into a group fitness class,” he said. “They feel more accountable if they’re in a class. Another way for people to stick with it is by getting a personal trainer.”

That allows people to develop a personalized workout.

“I feel like people are more apt to see results when they’re together than coming in alone and not really knowing what to do,” he said. “Discouragement can set in and they’re more apt to quit.”

Both Pearson and Fiala said setting goals and being determined can lead to success.

“We get a lot of people coming in that want to get into smaller clothes,” Fiala said. “Once they accomplish their goals, they should try to maintain them. Keep up that lifestyle once you lose that weight or gain muscle.”