‘All About Fort Dodge’ highlights resources

The Greater Fort Dodge Growth Alliance is leading the charge to build a prosperous future for Fort Dodge and Webster County. A big part of that campaign involves selling companies on locating in the Fort Dodge area or expanding existing facilities already located locally.

The Alliance and The Messenger have partnered to produce the fourth edition of a resource book – “All About Fort Dodge” – that is viewed by community leaders as a valuable resource in attracting new investment in the greater Fort Dodge region.

David Jakeman, advertising director at The Messenger, said the publication has been produced every two years. It first appeared in 2006 and was at that time a joint project of the Fort Dodge Area Chamber of Commerce and the newspaper.

He stressed that Alliance personnel and the team at The Messenger have worked hard to make sure “All About Fort Dodge” is a persuasive component of the Alliance’s effort to market the community and region. It is part of a comprehensive information package used by the Alliance to answer a potential investor’s questions and increase the likelihood that this town or region will be the venue chosen for investment.

“It portrays Fort Dodge in a very positive light,” Jakeman said. “It’s an all-encompassing book about Fort Dodge and what we have to offer to somebody looking to relocate here. It shows them what we have to offer on the lifestyle level, a business level and our anticipated growth.”

He added that there has been enthusiastic help in the production of this publication from the area business leaders.

“The support we got from the businesses in the community was truly overwhelming,” Jakeman said. “Everybody wanted to be a part of it. I think it shows the vibrancy of our retail and manufacturing industries in the community. … We got a lot of support from the businesses.”

In the forward to the book, Dennis Plautz, chief executive officer of the Growth Alliance, indicates why this publication comes at an especially pertinent time.

“Fort Dodge … is experiencing booming economic growth, which has not been seen before,” he writes. “There are many advantages to living in the Fort Dodge area.”

A welcome from Mayor Matt Bemrich adopts a similar theme.

“Fort Dodge is a healthy, vibrant community in which to live, work and play,” he writes.

This attractively produced and printed document includes demographic information about the community, a bit of local history and array of details regarding just about anything one would want to know about Fort Dodge. Topics covered include transportation, education, housing, health services, senior living, recreation, clubs and organizations, arts and culture, shopping, dining, lodging, attractions, faith, industry, agriculture, government, economic development and entertainment. It also has a calendar of events for the months ahead and information particularly relevant to visitors and new residents. There is also an index of nearly 100 advertisers partnering with this publication.