Duly sworn

Two months after being elected, Jim Stubbs took office as Webster County sheriff Wednesday morning during the weekly Webster County supervisors’ meeting.

Stubbs, a 24-year veteran of the Sheriff’s Department, most recently served as the department’s chief deputy.

After his swearing-in, Stubbs said he was anticipating getting started in his new job.

“I’m looking forward to keeping our department in good esteem with the citizens and other law enforcement agencies,” Stubbs said. “I’ll now be in more of a position to maintain that.”

Stubbs was elected on Nov. 6 to succeed Brian Mickelson, who decided to retire after spending nine years as sheriff. Stubbs won with 51.82 percent of the vote against Sheriff’s Department Lt. Kevin Kruse.

He plans on continuing what Mickelson started during his tenure as sheriff, he said.

“I want to keep things going the way they’ve been,” Stubbs said. “I also want to serve the people of Webster County.”

He added, “We’ll keep the department going in a progressive way.”

Stubbs considered it an honor to be sworn in by Chief Justice Mark Cady of the Iowa Supreme Court, he said.

Before the ceremony, Cady talked about the important roles all elected officials play in their communities.

“I took my first oath 30 years ago today,” Cady said Wednesday. “That simple oath sets the example of how I work today.”

Cady said the oaths taken Wednesday morning will be a guide to those who were sworn in as well.

“We all understand and appreciate that if we do not follow our oaths, our government will not work right,” he said. “The oath embodies that. It’s why we remain a strong democracy today.”

Stubbs said he appreciated the voters for supporting him.

“It’s an honor to be elected sheriff,” he said. “I feel good about moving on and being a part of the future.”

Stubbs joined the Webster County Sheriff’s Department in 1988. During his tenure, he’s served in many different roles, including as sergeant and lieutenant. Stubbs also spent a few months as interim sheriff in 2003. He was appointed chief deputy in September 2011.