Disagrees with columnist

To the editor:

Re: 12/27 opinion column by Rachel Marsden.

(Rachel) Marsden feels Americans unwilling to surrender their inalienable civil right to self-defense are somehow mentally unstable and that anyone wishing to protect themselves from criminals (and tyrannical despots) must subject themselves to a battery of tests before being approved by the state to own a gun.

I doubt that Ms. Marsden has ever seen the documentary “Innocents Betrayed” (available on YouTube) that documents the estimated 150,000,000-plus murders committed during the 20th century of citizens by their own governments. And without exception, the first step was gun registration followed by confiscation. Our founders affirmed the right to bear arms so that the citizens retained the ability to throw off tyranny with comparable weapons to that of the troops of the state.

Ms. Marsden lauds Canada’s laws, yet they have mass shootings too. That’s the problem with all legislative attempts that limit guns- criminals don’t obey the law and only the law-abiding will be left defenseless. Handguns are all but illegal in Chicago yet they have had over 500 murders in 2012.

Ms. Marsden asks what would happen if you were confronted by an armed thug as she was, and her response is to “swallow your pride, let him take what he wants and then call your insurance company.” She was thankful she didn’t have a gun when she was held up. I wonder if she’d feel that way if the perpetrator were a rapist?

As for a national gun registration proposed by liberty-hating politicians – it’s disingenuous. In 1968 the Supreme Court ruled in U.S. v Haynes that felons can’t be convicted for not registering their guns because it violates their 5th amendment protections – thus, only law-abiding people would be forced to comply.

For those who argue that civilians don’t need guns because the police will protect them, see the Supreme Court case Warren v District of Columbia (1975) in which the court found that the police are under no obligation to protect an individual citizen.

The irony that almost all these mass shootings happen in “gun free” zones. Instead of the NRA’s stance to have expensive and demeaning TSA airport molesters in our schools, I’d suggest we simply remove all “gun free” zones. I’m sure that there are a few teachers in every school that would prefer to be armed but are disarmed by federal law.

Jim Hirschberg