Vicky Flores tried to keep her emotions in check during her first-ever Wimbledon experience. She succeeded, but in the process, may have lost ...

Justice was not served by this action

Let us hope Omar Khadr never gets to enjoy a dime of the $8 million the Canadian government has awarded him, or gets to send any of it to his terrorist chums in ...

Russian meddling is a real concern

Of course contacts between Russian officials attempting to influence last year’s presidential election and those around President Donald Trump ...

Comedia Musica marks anniversary

Rehearsals have been underway for a special 50th anniversary concert on Saturday by the Comedia Musica Players. This anniversary concert is a ...

Federated Garden Club to meetTuesday at the Lions Den in Fort Dodge

Dustin Bogue in concert is Wednesday at the Fort Museum and Frontier Village

Fort Dodge City Council to have special meeting today

Webster County residents to get labor study calls

Do you know anyone who is 100-years-old or older?

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